Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If ever you are thinking of helping a senior Airedale ....

Rusty, Finally an update!
Yes, I Know!!! Again a long time since update! We finally closed the show....
For those who follow, here are your updates....
We have not had a bad day since week 2 (I think my praying payed off! I am sure I was not alone thanks to everyone who followed the "Big Guy") I have included a lot of photos for you to enjoy. Tuacahn cut these for us!
He is doing great! Bogart has become a part of our family. Or maybe we have become his family... I don't know, However Miss Rusty (SWAT) has agreed to let him spend the rest of his days with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWHHHHOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
I guess we (Bogger & I) would not know what to do without each other. So I do like older Men after all, just don't tell my Hubby! (LOL)
I will keep in touch and send photos as they become available.
Thanks so much to SWAT, Miss Rusty, Tuacahn, All who are Supporters & Followers,,,,, I had never even met an Airedale before this experience, however I hope I will always have one in my life.
If I can send a message to any person wanting a Dog to join the "Family" A Senior Airedale may not be with you for 20 years but 100 years of memories will most certainly be your reward!!!

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  1. Hi, Bogart looks good, and a star, well who would have thought it. He is not bothered by the horses
    I can not say I would be that calm.