Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 4 for Boggie

Boggie is doing great! His stamina is improving ALOT!! He is becoming very attached to me; which is of course quite flattering. Gage say's: "Mom you need to leave him with the Vet when you can't take him because I think he is going to have a stroke". LOL
This is a photo of Boggie and Porsche (My Daughter and assistant Wrangler at Tuacahn) at the front entrance. Today is really cold so we could not stay out long.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First Week in a nutshell from Kimberlee

Just wanted to give a first week update:
Everything is going great! The whole family is "Head over Heels" for Boggie.
He is not only going to be a Star but he has appointed himself a "Super Hero" protecting us from the evil vacuum cleaner, saving us from the dreaded job of cleaning up any food that may end up on the kitchen floor & loudly warning at the first sound of the dangerous door bell. LOL!
This "Super Hero" job has also included the self appointed tasks of becoming the horses personal trainer. (I think by next week I may be able to kick back with some Bon~Bon's & a Mimosa while he exercises them.) But most importantly he has taken the task of helping to babysit the niece & nephews (ages 1-7) when they come to visit. (It is the sweetest thing to see him worry over them) I can tell he will get on great once our "Annie" cast comes to Tuacahn.
I will send more photos as they become available.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Bogart at Tuachan

Bogart is doing well ~ he follows Kimberlee everywhere and has taken to "helping" while she works a horse in the round pen ;-> ... a big bark here and there to help encourage the horse ;->

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Dances

We just had to say thank you for our new friends who have joined us on this adventure! It brings smiles and happy dances!! and we thank you ;-)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bogart's First Day at Tuacahn

Willy (the Bay) has starred in "Cinderella", "Beauty & the Beast", "Les Miserables"
Willy was amazed by Bogart!
Max (the Paint) "Local Goober" has nothing to brag about yet.
But we are very hopeful
Bogart was not at all "Star Struck" & chose to enjoy the warm sun & sand.

Day 2 ... Kimberlee says:

Last night was a breeze with Bogart. I think he and I will have a good relationship, he has already become my shadow. Today we will make our first visit to Tuacahn. Tuacahn is closed today so it will be a good introduction to the new place. Tomorrow we will begin with a few introductions.

Zoey (white) "Les Misrables", "Big River"
Zuke & Zobra (red) "Big River"
Also new family members for Bogart. All four seem to be doing really well together.
I dont think I have the words to say how hard it was to get this photo!!!