Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Heat in this part of the Country .....

The heat is killing us too. We have an AC unit in our tack room. the Bog's likes to hang out in there. Any time I ask where he is (unusual because he shadows me most of the time) My team always giggles..... "He is in his trailer" ;-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Airedales Will be AIREDALES ~~ Part 2

OK! I think Bogger has been reading my email!!!!
He did his track PERFECT tonight....
Hhhmmmm??? ..........
I may need to change the password!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Airedales Will be AIREDALES !!

Week one went perfect!! I could not have asked for better!
Week two Hhhmmmmm?
To start: Bogart really does not want to be in show business.... Even more oddly he is now NOT treat motivated.... (I even tried skipping breakfast one day.)
So we spent week two with him (the little sh##) waiting patiently for Annie to call him and then getting up and leaving. The Police Man had to catch him and add-Lib
"Well it is just as I thought, not your dog but it might be good if you take care of him"

We re-set the scene and the Orchestra gave me direct access to him without being in the sight of the house. Things have been going MUCH BETTER!!!!!
We did have to cut him from Curtain Call (because we are out doors so at the "Curtain Call" we do Air Lifted Fire Works) He is afraid of the Fire Works. (Understandably) ....
Things are again going great!

Disney Rep's were in the house tonight so I am interested to hear what they have to say.
But I have not heard anything yet....

All in All he is really starting to warm up and dig's the attention over any treat. (Believe Me I have searched High and Low for the most tasty treats)
It has been a team effort from cast and crew to just get their hands all over Bogart; telling him what a genius he is after each scene! Butt scratching is considered the most high reward!!!!

Grace "Annie" is almost as good a Butt scratcher as I am .... I can tell because when we see her, Bogger approches her from the rear first?????
;-) Kimberlee